Reviewing Policy

Tallinn’s Night Light is a celebration of the live performances and art of Estonia’s capital city. We are thrilled at the variety of productions in Tallinn and and we don’t care who knows it. The reviews here are not meant to roast but to rejoice, sharing the best and the brightest shows in the city.

Make no mistake, we are unabashed fans of comedy and stage shows. If you are looking for cool take-downs and salty cynics then you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you want to know what made us squee with delight, then pull up a chair and join us.

We avoid star ratings or points out of five; too often such scoring is reductive and unhelpful, especially on a site with a number of different reviewers with a diverse set of expectations. Instead, just assume that if the show is reviewed here, it’s because someone loved it.

If you are happy to be happy, we are happy to read your views and consider them for inclusion. Reviews should be in Estonian or in English and anything between 500 and 1000 words is great. Photographs are a definite plus; often the venue and performers are happy to supply them (another benefit of sharing positivity). Reviews will be edited to fit in with house style but no major changes will be made without the author’s consent.

Send your review in plain text or as an attachment to with wordcount, byline and the name, date and venue of the show that you have reviewed.

For some ideas of what not to do, try this guide by Jules Swift: Top 21 Tips for reviewing festival comedy shows.

And finally, if the idea of a positive review site enrages you, then take it as a challenge. Set up a website and create the change that you want to see.