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  • Tell Me A Story

    The Tell Me A Story stage show at Heldeke! Theatre-Bar in Tallinn on 17th December was a fantastic theatrical experience. From the moment I stepped foot into the cozy atmosphere of Heldeke, I was met with a warm and inviting atmosphere. People of all ages were milling about, giving the event a unique energy that […]

  • André de Freitas: Made in Portugal

    André de Freitas: Made in Portugal

    Autumn has landed earlier in Tallinn, so to arrive at Heldeke in the evening means warming up a bit after a cold walk around the beautiful streets of Kalamaja. Sometimes almost literally: most of the shows I’ve seen required lots of hard work from the comedians to make the public get in the laughing wheel. […]

  • Kat Nip: Liability

    Kat Nip: Liability

    Liability is a clear and loud title for a brand new stand-up show based precisely on that concept: liability on each one’s past. Kat Nip’s performance is not only committed and powerful, she also presents herself and her own history with ravishing rawness. The way she reminisces about her family’s past, her childhood episodes, the […]

  • Mark Norman Harris: Apocalypse When

    Mark Norman Harris: Apocalypse When

    It’s late and the crowd is fidgety when Canadian artist Mark Norman Harris enters from stage right. He’s wearing a glitzy silver-sequined coat over a maritime-striped shirt and diamond-pattered trousers, glinting against the red backdrop like the Jack from an Elvis-themed deck of cards. He plays a single chord on his guitar and an impish […]

  • Sille-Kadri Simer: Tourist Trapped

    Sille-Kadri Simer: Tourist Trapped

    Tourist Trapped is the English-language debut of the Estonian comedian Sille-Kadri Simer. She’s already well known on the Estonian scene, both for her stand-up and her popular podcast, Tissident (a play on the Estonian words for tits and dissident). The stage reminds me of travel presentations in the 1980s. They used to be popular events […]

  • Kaisa Pylkkanen: Douze Points

    Kaisa Pylkkanen: Douze Points

    The first night of the fringe is one of excitement and anticipation for the performers as well as the audience. Although Tallinn Fringe has over 90 acts, this night sets the festival’s tone: for the acts, for the venues and for the audience. At 10pm on Thursday, it was a relatively small crowd at Kalamaja’s […]

  • The Clit Comedy Club @ Tallinn Fringe

    The Clit Comedy Club @ Tallinn Fringe

    The Clit Comedy Club announces itself as an unapologetically feminist show designed to combat the myth that women aren’t funny. Stand-up comedy is still dominated by men, the host Mari Volar tells us at the beginning, with just 15% being women, although they tell 95% of the good jokes. And so it begins. The line-up […]