Tell Me A Story

The Tell Me A Story stage show at Heldeke! Theatre-Bar in Tallinn on 17th December was a fantastic theatrical experience. From the moment I stepped foot into the cozy atmosphere of Heldeke, I was met with a warm and inviting atmosphere. People of all ages were milling about, giving the event a unique energy that I haven’t encountered at many other shows.

Mitsy Chanel-Blot, the Master of Ceremonies, introduced the evening’s unique element: one of the six storytellers was lying, and it was up to us to guess which one! The stories were in English but the performers were from all over the world and each brought their own unique background and experience. We were all on the edge of our seats ready to call out the liar.

Mitsy kept the evening moving at a breakneck pace as she introduced each of the storytellers: Sylvia Wrigley, Karoliina Sandstrom, Michael Buckland, Mitsy herself, Jana Levitina and mystery guest, Ross Allen.

The stories told by the group were equal parts funny, edgy and vulnerable. Sylvia’s story about confusion in the maternity ward was a riot while Karoliina’s crying children and her self-talk to overcome the challenge hit us right in the feels. Michael’s story about watermelon in Papa New Guinea was a mindblowing journey. Mitsy’s Christmas story of her first bra had the audience trying not to laugh too hard as they cringed in sympathy. Ross’ tale of his failed driving test was funny and relatable, although we were still wondering what the Tony Blair story was that his wife talked him out of.

As the storytellers returned to the stage for the finale, most of the audience thought it was either Karoliina or Sylvia who was lying. Only one person had guessed that it might be Jana, who had a compelling story about why she’s no longer welcome at her friends’ weddings. Everything, even the shirt she was wearing, was a lie! The reveal was the perfect closer to the evening, leaving the audience in hysterics.

Overall, the “Tell Me A Story” stage show was a wild blend of laughs, emotions and storytelling talent. The interactive element was a great way to engage the audience and make them part of the experience. After the show, the inviting atmosphere of Heldeke! kept us there for another drink as we discussed theories, discrepancies and emotions felt during the show. I thoroughly enjoyed this intimate and engaging event, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good story.

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